Champagne Squads’ Michael Wong Shared His Top 5

They say you always remember your first sip of Krug, and Michael Wong confess that he does not. He believes this is because it was at least 15 years ago, but he can whole heartedly say that in that time his love and passion for champagne has only continued to exponentially grow. He is very […]
They say you always remember your first sip of Krug, and Michael Wong confess that he does not. He believes this is because it was at least 15 years ago, but he can whole heartedly say that in that time his love and passion for champagne has only continued to exponentially grow.
He is very fortunate to have two main passions in life, Crossfit and Champagne. “They sort of balance me out. I am a big believer in health and fitness and while I do absolutely indulge enormously with fine dining and champagne I work out at least 6 times a week, I have a personal best deadlift of 250kg which was 3.1 times my own bodyweight and can row a 2km time trial in under 6 mins 40 seconds. ” Michael tell us.
GW Performance is my Crossfit family but my champagne family is my #champagnesquad which comprises of the 6 of us. 4 of them live in Sydney and 2 of us in Melbourne and we meet up roughly once a month for sheer and utter champagne extravagance. Earlier this year for Easter the 6 of us flew up to Port Douglas for 4 days and did arguably the most comprehensive tasting of 2002 Champagnes ever done. We looked at over 40 different bottles (pictured above) over the 4 days we were there and even did a 1973 Dom Perignon plenitude vertical tasting (P1 vs P2 vs P3) we are constantly on the hunt for Champagne unicorns as we like to call them and some of the crown jewels in our collection include a 1988 Krug Clos du Mesnil in Magnum, 1959 Dom Perignon Oenotheque and 1962/64/66 Doms as well as Jeroboams of Krug from 1995, 1996 and 1998,”

We asked Michael to share his Top 5 places to enjoy a glass (or bottle) of champagne. In no particular order, his list below!


#1  Pandawa Cliff Estate (Bali) 
Nestled on the Southernmost tip of Bali lies the beautiful Pandawa Cliff Estate, a truly stunning set of 4 private villas all of which overlook the white sands of Pandawa beach and the Indian Ocean. I have been fortunate enough to have visited the estate on many occasions be it to celebrate birthdays, weddings or simply getting together with my closest friends. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty I’ve always had a penchant for enjoying the equally beautiful Perrier Jouet, Belle Epoque, almost any champagne lover will agree that the Belle Epoque boasts the prettiest bottle in the industry and in such stunning surroundings is the perfect match

#2 Hashida Sushi Singapore 
Undoubtedly my favorite restaurant in Singapore and a place that I would happily dine as often as I could. The owner and Head Chef, Hatch San is an absolute champagne lover and along with his Sous-Chef Sato San, I have had some of my fondest and best dining experiences in Singapore. The seafood at Hashida is beyond fresh and when it comes to Champagne, the great house of Dom Perignon with their different plenitudes is my choice to compliment the fresh and richness we get from the out of this world O-toro, uni and ikura rice bowl

#3 Amaru Restaurant Melbourne
Not even 18 months have passed since I first stepped foot into what I would now easily call one of my top 3 restaurants in Melbourne and yet somehow in that time I have shared more magnificent bottles of both wine and Champagne than I can remember. Needless to say, the most memorable night I’ve had at Amaru was hosting Olivier Krug on his last night in Australia just last month, I recall calling up my good mate Clinton McIver (Head Chef & Owner) and telling him I was bringing Olivier in for dinner and that we needed to put on a truly memorable event and safe to say the night was nothing short of magnificent. Mushrooms and Truffles paired with back vintage Grand Cuvee and the only vintage trilogy in Krug’s history 1988-1989-1990 really showed the remarkable depth and power of Krug and simply does what Krug does best, make a good night great

#4 Maison Mumm Marquee Melbourne Cup Day 
On the first Tuesday of November a fortunate few get invited to Maison Mumm Marquee aka the life of the Bird Cage at Flemington race track for the “race that stops a nation” Last year’s highlights included the very first swimming pool inside a marquee for the Melbourne Cup as well as world class performances from Rose Soleil with acts ranging from Cirque du Soleil, BLANC de BLANC and limbo bringing together and showcasing the spirit of the GH Mumm brand with a Club de la Plague marquee theme. What more fitting Champagne would there be to drink at the world famous Melbourne Cup than a house whose motto “Dare. Win. Celebrate” perfectly embodies the history and prestige of the $6.2 million dollar race

#5 My Garden here in Armadale, Melbourne
Tucked away in the bristling suburb of Armadale is a garden that I am fortunate to call my own, having celebrated many parties including my younger sisters wedding as well as my 30th birthday here, leaves no doubt in my mind that it deserves a spot on my top 5 places to enjoy Champagne. We actually opened a Nebuchadnezzar (15 litre) bottle of Billecart-Salmon for the wedding toast at my sisters wedding which I was fortunate enough to have given. Saying that the Champagne I would choose to drink in my garden is none other than my beloved Krug Grande Cuvee, on my 30th I had planned to open 30 bottles of Grande Cuvee but somehow we ended up opening 50 which is of little surprise because when Krug is being poured everyone becomes a Champagne lover



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