Billecart-Salmon 200 X Emperor Champagne Gala

Written by: Alexandra Casey ● Location: Myer Mural Hall, Melbourne, Australia ● Date: 30/10/18

From 1818 – 2018 Billecart-Salmon has been producing Champagnes of the highest quality – 200 years of prestige heritage and tradition. This year Emperor Champagne and Billecart-Salmon teamed up to create a celebration befitting the occasion. Billecart-Salmon has taken the party on the road with global celebrations and gastronomic soirees in New York, LA, Tokyo, Singapore, London and Australia.

Kyla Kirkpatrick, Melbourne’s Champagne Dame and the founder of Emperor Champagne, joined forces with Antoine Roland- Billecart, sixth-generation Billecart Family and the global Export Director of Billecart-Salmon to co-host Australia’s night of nights. The Black Tie Gala was everything you hoped it to be – flags adorned with the Billecart’s 200th anniversary signature, alongside Emperor’s Napoleon Bonaparte portrait (The first known icon to sabre a bottle) hung above the crowd. Long stemmed red roses filled the room, with Champagne stations filled with tulip flutes as waiters pouring an abundance of Brut Reserve and circulated the ball room with French canapés to match the champagne. The event hosted guests from all spectrums, proud members of the wine industry, collectors, Buyers, VIP Emperor clients and socialites all in their best suits and gowns. The theme of the evening was a touch of luxe, a perfect fit to complement the embellished guests and glimmering champagne, and to top it all off a live band playing all your favourite French classics to truly immerse you into the evening’s festivities.

As the champagne poured, the two hosts addressed the crowd honouring the occasion, not only to celebrate Billecart- Salmon’s 200th year in production but Emperor Champagne’s first birthday, and the first of many grand event’s to come. The finale to wrap up the speeches was a grand Sabrage of a Billecart-Salmon Magnum to fill a stunning Champagne tower. The event over all was a great success and the team at Emperor put on a spectacular affair. It was quite the honour to be a part of such a momentous occasion, and I can’t wait to see what Emperor Champagne comes up with next.

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