A Dash of Seduction – Piper Heidsieck – The official new sponsor of the Australian Open “A look Inside the Marquee”

Written by: Alexandra Casey ● Date: 17/01/19

The insatiable Grand Marque Piper-Heidsieck continues its global domination by gaining a brand new three year contract with the prestigious sporting event, The Australian Open. This makes Piper-Heidsieck the house Champagne for this sporting event until 2021. The Maison is the official sponsor not only for the Australian Open but for the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscars. The house was founded in 1785 with its first unofficial brand ambassador, Marie Antoinette and The Maison continued its famous partnerships with the iconic Marilyn Monroe. They say she wouldn’t get out of bed without a glass of Piper-Heidsieck, (we can all relate). Piper’s consistent reputation for gracing the lips of the world’s most famous people, including the actors and actresses at the Oscars. But its feel for the gilts and glam is taking a turn for the glory of the tennis.

Such a change of image, from the silver screen to the tennis arena, so I found it curious as to why this partnership blossomed so quickly. But looking closer into Champagne sales in Australia and the history of this global sporting event, I can see why and how brilliant of a move it is for Piper-Heidsieck. Australian Champagne sales continues to rise, in 2017 sales jumped up by 16% to 8.5 million bottles sold per year. The announcement of the new sponsorship was released just weeks before the event commenced.
Piper-Heidsieck’s Executive Vice President, Benoît Collard told the latest edition of Drinks Trade: “Australia recently became the number one market for Piper-Heidsieck. The wine knowledge of the Australian consumer and its growing tourism perfectly match with the personality of Piper-Heidsieck and I am sure that, thanks to the Australian Open partnership, this is just the beginning of a never-ending love story.” In this interview he goes on to say he believes this partnership can help them reach sales of one million bottles per year in the next five years. With the incredible exposure and the help of Generation X and their social media platforms, I see this becoming a quick reality.

The Piper- Heidsieck Marque at the Melbourne Arena is set up in the heart of the Grand Slam Oval among Aperol, Coopers, and Lavazza to name a few. The two storey marquee is open to anyone that has a ground pass. The marquee is situated in perfect view of one of the large LED screens to view current games. Level one has an outdoor lounge setting with the iconic red umbrellas to perch yourself under with branded day beds and barstools. Entering inside the marque the ground floor bar only serves the Champagne by the glass where you have a choice of the Brut or Rose in plastic flutes. This way you are able to come and go form the marquee and walk the grounds or catch the next game with your Champagne in hand (as glass is not permitted to leave the marquee). Level two is where I will be situating myself throughout the event, the balcony on the marquee rooftop has perfect views of the LED screens, the grounds and the Melbourne city skyline. The second story bar allows you to buy the Brut or Rose by the glass or bottle and served in proper glass flutes. The cherry on top to make things a little bit more exciting, Pieper has released limited edition Australian Open bottle which will only be poured through licenced outlets across the Open precinct, including La Maison Piper Heidsieck (the Marquee) and premium restaurants including Rockpool Bar & Grill and Nobu.

Tennis fan or not, if you love your champagne there is a place for you at the Australian open to enjoy a glass or bottle of bubbles in the sun, with a killer view.

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