Champagne is a drink loved by many, yet there are a few that really make it their passion. By Association is a name we give to this group of like-minded champagne lovers.

The idea behind By Association is that at least once every two months Champagne friends come together and bring two things with them:

  1. A bottle of Champagne which they would like to taste and talk about during that evening.
  2. A new Champagne friend with a bottle of Champagne.

This means that as the get togethers happen, the group grows and new & exciting champagnes get introduced. Over time we hope to be able to host global get togethers. If you are interested to find out if their is a ‘By Association’ chapter¬† in your area, or would like to set up your own, send us an email

Dutch Chapter

Maurice Ajanaku

Founder of The Champagne List

Australian Chapter

Michael Wong

Two main passions in his life, Crossfit and Champagne