Champagne Juillet-Lallement

The domain of Champagne Juillet-Lallement is situated right in the heart of the Montagne de Reims in Verzy, a charming village, typically champenois and known for its exceptional forest with its twisted beeches, at 18 km from Reims.


Tasting 3 Champagnes – €20 per adult

Jean and his wife Virginie, strive to continue the family Champagne making tradition by paying the utmost care to their soils, their work and their vines. This care is expressed in their Champagnes. You will have a commented Tasting by the wine grower where will enjoy 3 Grand Cru Champagnes.



Tour and Tasting of 3 Champagnes – €35 per adult

Our Champagnes are stored and aged in our cellars for months and under a constant temperature. Our Vintage Champagnes (with a year), are even aged for several years, which allows us to offer you high quality Champagnes. You will start with a Tour through the winery and the cellars. The Tour is followed by a Tasting where you will enjoy 3 Grand Cru Champagnes.



The family Champagne House Juillet-Lallement, established in 1931 exploits a little more than 4 hectares, spreaded out over two soils in Verzy and Sillery, both classified as 100% Grand Cru.

The average age of our plots is 40 years, and a small anecdote: our oldest plot of land was planted in 1949 by one of our predecessors, Arthur LALLEMENT.

We cultivate 45% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir and 5% Pinot Meunier on 9 plots of land, planted on a chalky subsoil allowing the best blooming possibilities for the 3 grape varieties of the Champagne region.

Our philosophy is to work with respect for the cycles of nature and all elements around it. We apply a integrated viticulture that is environmentally and human friendly.

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  1. Grand Cru!

    It’s a small House, but the quality is outstanding! Grand Cru!

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